Rachael & Daniel / Babington House Wedding

I know, I know... we haven't blogged in a while... but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy. In fact, we have a whole heap of new films coming-up over the next few months - including some stunning destination locations + lots from the UK too... Oh, and a new website is currently underway(!)... anyway, I digress... I'm here to tell you about Rachael and Daniel.

Such a sublime day... everything fell in to place - Babington House looked as beautiful as ever and the weather was out of this world (yay for April)... plus, the always wonderful Mr Wilson's Second Liners brought the party.


Jonathan & Elaine / Tuscany, Italy Wedding

Jonathan and Elaine - the light, the location(s), the people... everything just fell in to place.

The weekend unfolded at Castello di Casole, a stunning private estate nestled deep in the Tuscan hills. The wedding oozed glamour and style... chanel couture, stunning views, an after hours vineyard tour plus a further three (yup, three) amazing locations... an incredible experience - the guests were free to roam the estate - enjoying bike-rides, pizza classes, great food, incredible wine and good friends. We even captured a little Super 8mm during our few days in Tuscany too... some of which we'll share later... for now, enjoy!


That's it, folks... we're waving goodbye to 2015 and welcoming 2016 with open arms. We don't do a yearly round-up... instead we'll leave you with a fleeting heads-up on our planned adventures for 2016. 

  • 2016 will be the year Film School launches - that's a promise. We've received heaps of submissions (in fact, we're now at 500+) and we should have a new home anytime soon from which we'll be hosting you all.
  • Film and/or Photos will be making an appearance in 2016 - Nope, we're not just adding a lazy 'photos' option to our services - it'll be something new... and hopefully refreshing. More on this soon!
  • Finally, we're now affiliated with start-up, North Note... curated musical content from the world's best independent artists. Music is something we're hugely passionate about so this is SUPER exciting for us. You can find out how to get involved over at northnote.com

Sending the biggest of hugs to all of our wonderful couples from 2015 and to the amazing suppliers we got to hang with this year... it's been a blast. Happy Holidays!

Lee, Dawn, Rufus, Ramona & Stephen x

Charlie & Yarlini / Maui, Hawaii Wedding


Charlie and Yarlini... Maui, Hawaii. Where do we begin?


We hiked through a bamboo forest, sailed a private yacht, walked on a black sand beach and ended the week with the most relaxed, intimate wedding I've ever witnessed. It was an absolute dream to shoot and edit this film... but not because of the location – Charlie and Yarlini gave us TOTAL control... "no agenda, shoot whatever you like, get to know us... but most of all, just hang out and have fun"... this is exactly what we're about. The wedding film industry seems to be saturated with shoots relying on drones, glidecams and more... once the initial "wow, that was a cool shot" has passed, what's left? Weddings are about people... let's never forget that.

Awesome to hang out with Craig Williams on this trip – absolutely adore this guy! You can see his amazing set of images here.

Charlie and Yarlini, I hope this takes you right back to that week in Hawaii x