For Dawny

The words below will always mean so much to me... I don't think I ever wrote them down... in fact the entire thing just happend. It's a little out-of-tune, a little rough around the edges but to me perfect in every way. To think that this song was written and recorded way back in 2002 still blows my mind... I must have listened to it a thousand times... which is weird considering it's me... but to me, it's you... if that makes any sense.

Dawny, this is for you, but I know you already know that.

Isn't it a waste, to waste our time again. I'll carry you today, past the brightest star, but that star is you. Always in my heart. I think it's time to move, that's my idea too. Carry you again, a million miles away, across the milky-way. Always in my heart.

Thank you for just being you. x