Don't Forget the Dinosaurs

Starting wedding season with a 3 month old was terrifying. Moving out of the studio has helped our work/life balance immensely BUT... being able to take Rufus with us on some of our longer trips has been the most joyous experience... packing his weekend bag is the cutest thing ever (Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs + more Dinosaurs... don't forget the Dinosaurs).

Just 8 months in and we're already working, playing, learning, sharing, laughing, crying... every day is a new adventure and full of highs and lows... but we're doing it. There is time for family and friends, there is time for the business, there is time for each other. You just adapt without noticing... routines come and go and you make space for change.

Dawny, I say this to you most days but sometimes I can tell you don't believe me. I'M INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOU... you're an amazing mummy, loving wife and the better half of this little business. There you go... it's on the internet – so it must be true.

Lee x