Charlie & Yarlini / Maui, Hawaii Wedding


Charlie and Yarlini... Maui, Hawaii. Where do we begin?


We hiked through a bamboo forest, sailed a private yacht, walked on a black sand beach and ended the week with the most relaxed, intimate wedding I've ever witnessed. It was an absolute dream to shoot and edit this film... but not because of the location – Charlie and Yarlini gave us TOTAL control... "no agenda, shoot whatever you like, get to know us... but most of all, just hang out and have fun"... this is exactly what we're about. The wedding film industry seems to be saturated with shoots relying on drones, glidecams and more... once the initial "wow, that was a cool shot" has passed, what's left? Weddings are about people... let's never forget that.

Awesome to hang out with Craig Williams on this trip – absolutely adore this guy! You can see his amazing set of images here.

Charlie and Yarlini, I hope this takes you right back to that week in Hawaii x