For Dawny

The words below will always mean so much to me... I don't think I ever wrote them down... in fact the entire thing just happend. It's a little out-of-tune, a little rough around the edges but to me perfect in every way. To think that this song was written and recorded way back in 2002 still blows my mind... I must have listened to it a thousand times... which is weird considering it's me... but to me, it's you... if that makes any sense.

Dawny, this is for you, but I know you already know that.

Isn't it a waste, to waste our time again. I'll carry you today, past the brightest star, but that star is you. Always in my heart. I think it's time to move, that's my idea too. Carry you again, a million miles away, across the milky-way. Always in my heart.

Thank you for just being you. x

Cat People Magazine

This beautiful magazine has been a favourite of ours for some time now and can always be found hanging around our dining table. Cat People is a collaboration between art director, Jessica Lowe and photographer, Gavin Green. Featuring the cats and lifestyles of four 'cat people' from around the globe... alongside photo-essays, illustrations and more. It really is something very special. Stephen sure loves it and so do we. >>>

Coronation Street

One of our many loves - mooching around shoot locations, studios and film sets. This time - the soon to be demolished (yes, this is happening?!) Coronation Street. In a weird way it kind of felt like home - maybe it was the weather?


The Happiest

Looking back – so much wanting and waiting. Minutes could have been hours... and now? Well, we still have no control over time and every day seems to come to an end just as it begins... but that's okay because it's another wonderful day with you, Rufus. Strange how these fleeting days are the happiest of our lives. Happy half year, little guy. x